Greenhouse Flowers: A Guide to Blooming All Year Round

Greenhouse Flowers

Greenhouse flowers are plants that have been bred to thrive in the confines of a greenhouse. They do not require sunlight or fresh air and are ideal plants for growing indoors. They are also called indoor flowers because they flower in the winter when there is no sunlight.

Everything in nature begins with a seed. So why should you spend your time and energy caring for your plants? You could spend your money on something else, such as greenhouse flowers, instead.

How Do Flowers Grow in Greenhouses?

How Do Flowers Grow in Greenhouses
How Do Flowers Grow in Greenhouses

Greenhouses are like magic places where flowers and fruits can grow all year long. Let’s go on a journey to learn how flowers and fruits come to life in a greenhouse!

Flower Production: The Starting Point

What is Pollination?

Pollination is the first step to making a flower. One plant gives pollen to another plant. It is how they make a baby flower.

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How Does Pollination Work in a Greenhouse?

In a greenhouse, pollination can happen in different ways:

By Hand: Some people use a small brush to move pollen from one flower to another.

By Wind: Some greenhouses have fans that help spread the pollen.

By Insects: Yes, some greenhouses invite bees and other bugs to help with pollination.

After pollination, the flower starts to grow. It comes out from a special part of the plant called an inflorescence.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Greenhouse to Grow Flowers?

What Are the Benefits of Greenhouse Flowers
What Are the Benefits of Greenhouse Flowers

Greenhouses are like plant hotels. They give flowers a cozy place to grow. But why are greenhouses so special for flowers? Let’s find out!

Better Control Over Weather

No Bad Days: In a greenhouse, flowers don’t have to worry about too much rain, wind, or snow.

Sun All Year: The glass walls let in lots of sunlight. So, flowers can grow even when it’s cold outside.

Grow More Types of Flowers

Rare Flowers: Some flowers only grow in special places. But in a greenhouse, you can make the perfect home for any flower.

Year-Round Blooms: Some flowers only bloom in certain seasons. A greenhouse can make them bloom all year.

Protect from Pests

Less Bugs: Greenhouses can be sealed off from the outside world, keeping harmful bugs away.

No Weeds: Since it’s a controlled environment, you won’t find weeds that can harm your flowers.

Save Water

Less Water: Greenhouses can reuse water.

Better Use of Water: In a greenhouse, water gets right to the flower roots. No water is wasted.

Speed Up Growth

Faster Blooms: With perfect sun and water, flowers can grow faster.

Healthy Flowers: In a greenhouse, flowers are more likely to grow big and strong.

What are the types of flowers that grow in greenhouses?


Do you love flowers? Do you want to know which flowers feel most at home in a greenhouse? You’re in the right spot! Let’s look at some flowers that love growing in greenhouses.


Why They Love Greenhouses: Roses need lots of care. Greenhouses give them the perfect amount of sun and water.

Special Tip: Watch out for bugs! Roses can get sick from them.


Why They Love Greenhouses: Tulips like the cold. In a greenhouse, you can make it cold even when it’s hot outside.

Special Tip: Tulips come in many colors.


Why They Love Greenhouses: Hyacinths like lots of light but not too much heat. A greenhouse is perfect for that.

Special Tip: Plant them near the door to smell them when you walk in.

Daisies and Gerbera Daisies

Why They Love Greenhouses: These daisies are happy with less sun. A greenhouse can give them just the right amount.

Special Tip: Gerbera daisies love pots.


Why They Love Greenhouses: Lilies like it hot and humid. You can make a greenhouse just like that.

Special Tip: Lilies come in lots of types. Try a few to see which you like best!

Small greenhouse flowers

Small greenhouse flowers
Small greenhouse flowers

Do you have a small greenhouse? No worries! You can still grow beautiful flowers. Let’s look at small flowers that are perfect for small greenhouses.


Why They Love Greenhouses: Pansies are easy to grow. They only need a little room.

Special Tip: They like cool weather. Grow them in the fall or spring.


Why They Love Greenhouses: Violas are like pansies. They are small and easy to care for.

Special Tip: Violas can grow in a bit of shade, too.


Why They Love Greenhouses: Petunias are small but make lots of flowers.

Special Tip: They like lots of sun. Put them where they can see the sun a lot.


Why They Love Greenhouses: Marigolds are strong. They can grow in lots of places.

Special Tip: They keep bugs away. Plant them with other flowers to keep bugs off them.


Why They Love Greenhouses: Snapdragons are cool. They can even look like little dragon mouths!

Special Tip: They are good for cutting. Put them in vases to make your house pretty.

Perennial greenhouse flowers

Perennial greenhouse flowers
Perennial greenhouse flowers

Do you want flowers that come back year after year? Then, you should think about perennial flowers.


Why They Love Greenhouses: Lavender likes dry air and lots of sun.

Special Tip: Trim the flowers to help the plant make more.


Why They Love Greenhouses: Hostas are good for shady spots.

Special Tip: They need moist soil. Make sure to water them well.

Coneflowers (Echinacea)

Why They Love Greenhouses: Coneflowers like both sun and partial shade.

Special Tip: They are good for your health.


Why They Love Greenhouses: Daylilies are very strong.

Special Tip: Each flower only lasts one day, but don’t worry. New ones will come.


Why They Love Greenhouses: Peonies make big, pretty flowers.

Special Tip: They like cold winters.


Why They Love Greenhouses: Sage likes a lot of sun and not too much water.

Special Tip: You can also use sage when you cook.


We found many benefits to growing flowers in a greenhouse. A greenhouse lets you grow many kinds of flowers: small ones, big ones, and ones that come back every year. Now you can enjoy flowers all the time! 


What kind of flowers are best for a greenhouse?

The best flowers for a greenhouse are those that need controlled conditions. Roses, tulips, and lilies are good choices.

Can I grow flowers in a small greenhouse?

Yes, you can! Small flowers like pansies and violas are perfect for small greenhouses.

How do I take care of my greenhouse flowers?

Water them, give them light, and control the temperature. Each flower type has its own needs, so read up on them.

What are perennial greenhouse flowers?

Perennial flowers come back every year. Lavender and hostas are examples.

Can I grow flowers in the winter in a greenhouse?

Yes! A greenhouse lets you grow flowers all year, even in winter.

Do greenhouse flowers need special soil?

Some might, but most flowers will do well in good potting soil that drains well.

How often should I water my greenhouse flowers?

It depends on the flower type. Some need lots of water, and others don’t.

Can I mix flowers and vegetables in my greenhouse?

Yes, you can. Just make sure you have similar needs for light and water.